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  1. The Reopening Dilemma: Saving Lives vs. Saving the Economy is a False Tradeoff, Economists Say, Fortune, May 2020
  2. Early Draconian Social Distancing May Be Suboptimal for Fighting the COVID-19 Epidemic, VoxEu, April 2020
  3. I was featured in TV Asahi “あいつ今何してる?(=what is that guy doing now?)” #126, December 18, 2019 (in Japanese)
  4. I wrote an article for 東京大学医学部「鉄門だより」(a magazine issued by University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine, in Japanese), 2019
  5. I was featured in an interview article at, 2019 (in Japanese)
  6. I was featured in an interview article in “東大理III 1998 (University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences, Science III, 1998 cohort, 1998 (in Japanese)
  7. I represented the Tokyo team in Nippon TV “全国高等学校クイズ選手権 (All Japan High School Quiz Championship)”, 15th edition, 1995 (in Japanese) YouTube