Shan Xi Magic Kitchen overcharged tip

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I have been a long time customer of Shan Xi Magic Kitchen, which is a Chinese restaurant in San Diego that serves Shan Xi food.

The last time we went there, the waiter overcharged me for tip. Although I paid \$101.00 in total, a few days later I noticed that I was charged \$105.23 on my credit card. It was easy to detect the fraud because I always tip so that the total amount becomes a natural number. Furthermore, I keep track of all my expenses using a personal finance software.

This is actually the second time that this restaurant overcharged me. The first time I thought it was just a mistake and I did not take any action. If it happens the second time within a relatively short time window, it must be on purpose.

I have disputed with my credit card company and they will credit me \$4.23. I have written a one-star review on Yelp. We will never go back to this restaurant.