Wimbledon banning Russian players is discrimination

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It was reported that Wimbledon will ban Russian (and Belarusian) players because of Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.

This does not make any sense and it is simply discrimination based on nationality. Tennis players are playing tennis individually and their nationality are irrelevant (except perhaps the Davis Cup or the ATP Cup). Just as much as I would like to see Nadal’s brilliant play, I would like to see Medvedev and Rublev performing at their best. I don’t care if they are from Spain or Russia or North Korea.

The same applies to science. When I read research papers, I only care about their content; the identity or the nationality of the authors has no relevance. In fact, soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a journal editor (for which I am serving as an associate editor) sent us a message reminding us that the nationality of authors is irrelevant for peer review.

Shame on you, Wimbledon.