Last talk at UCSD

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I presented my paper “Housing Bubbles with Phase Transitions” at the UCSD Friday faculty seminar. Because this was my last talk at UCSD, I gave the following speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure to be colleagues with you for 11 years.

This is my last talk at UCSD. I have many fond memories of giving talks at the faculty seminar, which is my favorite. If you recall the history of faculty seminars, there used to be sandwiches and coffee, the room was packed, and faculty members and students were well fed. Then the sandwiches became vegetarian only and we got malnutrition. Then the sandwiches disappeared all together, we starved, and attendance plummeted. However, thanks to the strong leadership of Marc,1 food came back on the table. But today, the sandwiches are gone again!2

I hope that you can secure a budget to keep this good tradition and promote interdisciplinary interactions. Speaking of which, I heard that the budget for seminars has been cut further. If you run out of money, look no further: please remember that I will still be around in San Diego and I am happy to deliver a cheap talk as needed.

  1. The department chair. 

  2. Sandwiches were delivered later.