Email writing tips


Every day I receive many emails. We are all busy so please help make my life easier by following these simple tips.

  1. I prefer to be called “Prof. Toda” by undergraduate students. “Hey Prof.”, “Hi Alexis”, etc. are not acceptable. I will not answer to such emails. (On the other hand, “Hi Alexis” is acceptable and even encouraged for PhD students.)
  2. If you have a question about a course, you should mention which course you are taking because I might be teaching multiple courses during a quarter.
  3. I cannot answer to questions about the grade until after the final exam because I do not know what your grade will be until after the final exam.
  4. Many questions can be resolved by simple Google searches. Think twice before asking a question.
  5. Important information is often included in the syllabus. Do not send me emails before thoroughly reading the syllabus.